Since the 1990s Alloys Italia has been proud to offer technical assistance to its customers. This includes post-sales and maintenance services for welding equipment and systems, and is provided by our specialist technicians who receive regular updating.
An all-round service.

Repair and maintenance

Alloys Italia provides its customers with a complete service, in both maintenance and repair of welding equipment of the leading brands.

  • Repair of welders, electrodes, MIG/MAG, TIG, plasma.
  • Authorised ESAB, Lorch service centre.
  • Repair of MIG/MAG, TIG, plasma torches.
  • Repair of electronic systems.
  • Repair of oxy-gas torches.
  • Repair of oxy-gas reducers, delivery units.
  • Repair (air and water) of bundles and single cables.
  • Assembly (air and water) of bundles and single cables.
  • Maintenance and repair of submerged arcs.
  • Maintenance and repair of pantographs.
  • Maintenance and repair of welding equipment.
  • Robotics.
  • Various services.

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Calibration with certification

Alloys Italia carries out the calibration of all types of welding equipment. The devices used depend on the customer’s requirements: all have SIT (Italian calibration service) certification.

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Certification of insulation

The European IEC 60974 Standard demands periodic checking of equipment insulation, to ensure electrical safety. Alloys Italia is at the forefront in this field too, and has for years carried out this European testing and certification.

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Maintenance of Gas Distribution Systems

The Alloys Italia service handles the maintenance of its customers’ gas distribution systems, replacing worn out or obsolete components, checking that the valves and supply systems are working correctly, and repairing any leaks or technical faults found.

Internal cleaning of pipes

"COMPRI Tube-Clean" solves the problem of pipe cleaning - whether these are old or new (hydraulic, pneumatic, dosing, conditioning, etc.).

For good workmanship it is essential to invest not only in the best materials and machinery, but also in cleaning the piping: failure to clean adequately can lead to serious damage of a machine (pumps, valves, etc.), meaning replacement becomes necessary.

"COMPRI Tube-Clean" can remove debris such as soot, condensation, grease, residue from working and welding. The structure of the projectiles used in the cleaning is patented. The product can clean tubes of diameter 2-150 mm, and potentially unlimited length (even 5-10 km!).

Main advantages:

  • Extremely rapid, low-cost system.
  • Results better than those obtained with the usual compressed air, flushing and pipe-brush/rod techniques.
  • Can be used for ordinary or preventive maintenance.
  • Can be used with curved piping (even at 90°), connections, T-junctions, sphere valves, diameter changes.
  • Degreasing, lubrication, and disinfection can be carried out very efficiently, with considerable saving of liquid product.


For more information, please contact out Commercial Office or local sales representatives.

Medical service

One of the services offered by Alloys Italia is the maintenance of medical equipment (orthopaedic equipment, examination couches, stretchers, etc.). This covers the installation of specialist medical equipment such as surgical lighting and other operating theatre equipment. We can also build specialist equipment to order: contact us to discuss your requirements.

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