For thirty-five years, Alloys Italia has been at the service of quality welding in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Alloys Italia1985

Alloys Italia is born as an exclusive distributor of special welding electrodes.


A.I. expands the range of products and begins the distribution of materials, accessories, machines and systems for both electric and oxy-gas cutting.


The department dedicated to maintenance and repair with technical assistance is founded.


The technical office is founded to design small semi-automatic machines, accessories and special equipment, even on specific requests from the customer.


A.I. moves to the new location in via degli Schiavetti 9, also in Monfalcone.
A.I. obtains the quality certification, ISO 9001 with RINA.


The distribution of technical gases and refrigerants begins.


The maintenance, repair, technical assistance department on welding systems, submerged arches, pantographs, special and robotic systems, electronic boards is extended.


The welding machine calibration certification service begins.


The rental service for welding machines and various equipment begins.

Alloys Italia2002

A.I. becomes a partner of the Sapio Produzione Idrogeno Ossigeno Group.


A.I. obtains the OHSAS 18001 safety certification, now ISO 45001, with RINA.


The welding equipment insulation certification service begins, according to the new IEC 60974-4 ed. 2^.


A.I. implements retail selling.


A.I. draws up the organizational model required by Decree 231/01 and the Ethical Code. 


A.I. lands on the social platforms LinkedIn and Facebook, to always keep the customer updated. 


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